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November 18, 2016

To All Faculty Members

Makoto Ando
Director, Office of Industry Liaison Executive Vice President for Research

Patent Application and Notification of Invention before Students' Graduation Thesis Presentations (Request)

Students will be making their graduation thesis presentations in a few months. If a student plans to include details of an invention in his or her presentation, a Notification of Invention must be submitted two months before the presentation or publication of the proceedings. This will allow patent application to be completed before the details become public knowledge.

  Every year, there are cases where patent applications become difficult because information required for patent application is made public in presentations before the applications are submitted. If a presentation that includes information on an invention will be made before a patent is applied for, the faculty member must take measures, such as requiring all attendees of the presentation to sign a confidentiality agreement, to ensure that the details of the invention will be kept secret.

Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.

The following links to pages on the Office of Industry Liaison's website may be of use.

■Information regarding a presentation where a student is a joint inventor of an invention(Japanese)

■Download the Notification of Invention.

Note: Be sure to submit the Notification of Invention two months before   the presentation or publication of the proceedings.

Where to Submit the Notification of Invention
Submit the Notification of Invention to the Intellectual Property Group,   Industrial Cooperation Division, Research Promotion Department by e-mail   or internal mail. Addresses can be found below.

Intellectual Property Group, Industrial Cooperation Division (Ext. 3819)
e-mail: san.chi[at]
     ※Please replace [at] in the e-mail address with @, and transmit.