Indirect expenses

Q1. I have heard that indirect expenses of 30% will be incurred in cases of collaborative and sponsored research. Is this true?
A1.The Intellectual Property Policy established by our Educational and Research Council provides that "Tokyo Tech shall ask Enterprises to bear the financial burden of research conducted by Tokyo Tech for sponsored research, collaborative research, and research cooperation in other formats. This shall include both the direct expenses incurred in conducting the research and the burden of indirect expenses. In principle, indirect expenses shall be calculated as 30% of the direct expenses." Indirect expenses are 30% of direct expenses, so if direct expenses are 100, the total outlay is 130. Put another way, out of a 100% total outlay, 76.9% is direct expenses, and 23.1% is indirect expenses.
Q2.What are indirect expenses used for?
A2.Indirect expenses are the costs incurred in using Tokyo Tech's infrastructure in the course of the research required by the company. They are spent on an organization-wide basis to cover utilities, maintenance of research facilities, administrative work, and incentives for the conduct of collaborative and sponsored research activity.