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Research Alliance Program

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Under this program, Tokyo Tech and the company conclude a comprehensive agreement to conduct organizational collaborative researchs and other collaborative activities.

Please look at the figure below. The organizational collaboration is implemented in the trilaminar structure as illustrated. In particular, (1) a steering committee including the company board members and the Tokyo Tech board members is formed to decide on a policy, formulate plans, and review the research progress; (2) the person(s) who heads the company's R&D project and the Tokyo Tech faculty member(s) organize forum to collect information about the latest research topics and explore the possibilities of new research; and (3) the company and Tokyo Tech organize several collaborative research groups aiming to generate breakthrough results.

Handling of research results

The patent right of any inventions resulting from the research collaboration must be, in principle, shared by the company and Tokyo Tech depending on the extent of the researcher's involvement and contribution to the research.

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